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Dr. Steven D. Lasser

Board Certified

Pediatric Dental Specialist

Dr. Craig E. Elice

Board Certified

Pediatric Dental Specialist

Dr. Fotini M. Dionisopoulos

Board Certified

Pediatric Dental Specialist

“My greatest joy is when children look forward to their visits – returning with healthy, beautiful smiles.”

“Your child will be given the best possible care while at our office.”

“As our patients grow over the years, the fun memories and special relationship we have is something to always smile about and look forward to.”

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  • A team consisting of doctors and team members dedicated to your child.

  • An atmosphere that ensures a fun and relaxing visit for patients and parents.

  • Comprehensive oral health care including acute care and preventive services.

  • Anticipatory guidance regarding growth and development.

  • Dietary counseling.

  • On-Call doctors available for after-hours emergencies.

welcome to our office!

Our primary asset is our talented and friendly staff.


Your child’s appointment will be comfortable and enjoyable because of our team and the relaxed environment that we have created.


We cultivate a relationship with each of our patients, which not only ensures better children’s dental care, but also turns a visit to the dentist into a visit between friends.


From the moment you walk in our door, our team will lead you through your appointment answering any questions and making sure you and your child have a happy and memorable experience.



  We take special notes on each child during the visit.


We care about what techniques work

 the best for your child.


We create an atmosphere of collaboration with parents, making sure you have a clear understanding of the treatment, follow-up, and solutions to your child’s dental health.


We believe in continuing education and as we keep ourselves up-to-date we will also keep you up-to-date on the latest equipment and techniques used to treat your children.

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Financial Information


Payment for our pediatric dental services not covered by insurance is due at the time dental treatment is provided.


Every effort will be made to provide a treatment plan which fits your timetable and budget, and gives your child the best possible care.  We accept cash, personal checks, and most major credit cards.




Pediatric Dentistry Limited is in-network with several major insurance companies such as Blue Cross Dental and Delta Dental. In addition, there are dozens of smaller insurance carriers that we work closely with.


Our office is happy to file your insurance for you.  We will make every effort to assure you receive maximum benefits.  If you have any questions regarding your insurance, please ask our front desk to review what benefits your insurance policy provides.


Please do not hesitate to ask about our financial policy.  We want you to be comfortable in dealing with these matters.

For those procedures not covered by your insurance, our financial coordinators will work closely with you to make treatment costs fit your unique budget.

first pediatric dental visit

Your First Pediatric Dental Visit


When you arrive early for your first visit, you and your child will be greeted warmly. If you do have dental insurance, bring the information with you and our staff will file an electronic claim for you. We may need you to fill out forms that help you get acquainted with our office.


Your initial visit will provide a friendly, caring introduction to our dental home where lifelong relationships begin.

The initial time spent with your child will include but not be limited to homecare instruction, nutrition counseling, growth & development evaluation, orthodontic evaluation as well as a comprehensive exam that will outline existing dental concerns.


You are welcome to accompany your child at all times during your visit to our office.


When Should I Take My Child to the

 Dentist for the First Time?


The American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both recommend that a child see a pediatric dentist within six months of the first tooth appearing, and no later than their first birthday.

This should be the beginning of a positive relationship that will last through adolescence, between the dentist, the child and the parent. It also allows the dentist to monitor growth and development as the child grows, and catch any problems while they are still small and easy to treat.

Our doctors gladly accept patients from infancy through adolescence.

pediatric dentistry

Dr. Lasser, Dr. Elice and Dr. Dionisopoulos are board certified pediatric dentists.


They specialize in the treatment and prevention of dental disease, as well as the overall oral health of children. Through extra years of schooling, training, experience, and certification, a pediatric dentist is uniquely qualified to treat the dental needs of infants, children, adolescents and those with special healthcare needs.


Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?


A pediatric patient not only has a different dentition than adults but he/she may have specific dental and behavioral needs that are unique to a child. These needs may include orthodontics, dental sealants, fluoride applications or home treatments, or just simply education in oral hygiene. In addition to treating existing dental problems, our office focuses on prevention through patient and parent education.


We like to feel that you and your child do not come to our office to have their ”cavities fixed” but rather to prevent them. Our mission is to provide all of the educational tools necessary for our patients to enjoy a cavity-free future.

What is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist?


When a Pediatric Dentist is Board Certified it means that the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry or ABPD certifies that the dental care being provided is based on standards of excellence that lead to high quality oral health care for infants, children, adolescents and patients with special health care needs. Certification by the ABPD provides assurance to the public that a Pediatric Dentist has successfully completed accredited training and a voluntary examination process designed to continually validate the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to the delivery of quality patient care.

Learn more about the pediatric dental services we offer:


Our office recommends that every child have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 6 or 7.


Early detection and treatment gives your child the edge - a much better chance for natural and normal development. One advantage of having Dr. Lasser, Dr. Elice, and  Dr. Dionisopoulos for your child’s dental home is that we monitor their growth & development on a regular basis.  Our parents truly appreciate having orthodontic treatment done in our office.  This allows them to coordinate cleaning and check-up appointments with orthodontic appointments. By working with the natural growth instead of against it, we can prevent problems from becoming worse, and give your child a lifetime of healthy smiles!


Studies have shown that people who have straight teeth are more likely to smile more. This leads to a greater self esteem which may lead to a more fulfilling life.

Learn more about braces for kids:

We offer a comprehensive orthodontic evaluation

at all 6 month recall visits.

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